Breezy Point Triathlon

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 at 8:00am

Course Description

750m (0.47 miles) Open Water Swim

Breezy Point Triathlon Swim Course

The 750m swim is held in a sheltered portion of Willoughby Bay, adjacent to the sea plane ramps on the Naval Air Station. The swim course is triangular in shape and is swum in a counter - clockwise direction. During conditions of high wind, the water may become choppy (1-2 foot chop). The water temperature is expected to be 65-72°F and the actual temperature will be posted at Packet Pick-up. Wetsuits will be allowed as per USAT rules (78°F and below: wet suits are allowed and will not affect award eligibility; over 78°F up to and including 84°F: wetsuits are allowed, however, competitors wearing wetsuits are NOT eligible for awards; above 84°F: NO WET SUITS ALLOWED). Swim caps are required and will be provided. Competitors will start in waves (or heats) at 4-minute intervals with an in-the-water start.


20km (12.4 miles) Bike

Breezy Point Triathlon Bike Course

The 20km bike course is flat and fast and covers much of the Norfolk Naval Base. Competitors will exit the transition area, cross Mason Creek Bridge and turn right on Bellinger Blvd. Cyclists will veer right onto Tow Way Drive and proceed to Moffett Avenue where they will turn right. Follow Moffett Avenue as it becomes Hughes Drive. Athletes will turn left onto Maryland Avenue and then left onto Dillingham Blvd. (Admiral's Row). This is followed by a right onto Moffett Avenue and a left onto Tow Way Drive which then merges back onto Bellinger Blvd. Athletes will turn right at the intersection of Bellinger Blvd. and Fifth Avenue, follow Fifth Avenue as it becomes Patrol Road and continue to the turn-around loop. Cyclists then proceed back along Patrol Road to Fifth Avenue and turn left onto Bellinger Blvd.. This is followed by a right turn onto the taxiway toward the transition area.


5km (3.1 miles) Run

Breezy Point Triathlon Run Course

The 5km run is also flat with a finish along the sea wall adjacent to the transition area. Runners will exit the transition area and head toward A Street. Athletes will continue on A Street until turning right on Tenth Avenue followed by a right on B Street. After turning left on Eighth Avenue and passing through a parking lot, athletes will follow the bike path as it becomes Twelfth Avenue. Runners will then turn left onto A Street, followed by a right near Fifth Avenue to head across the tarmac. At the sea wall, athletes will turn left and head for the finish line. Water is available at the exit of the transition area as well as twice on the course.