Breezy Point Triathlon

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 at 8:00am

General Information

Naval Station Norfolk has been extremely amenable to the continuation of the event but must first consider the interest of the United States Navy and its purpose of national security. During registration you will be asked for your drivers license number and the make and model of your vehicle. You will also be asked if you plan to bring any guests. If so, you will need to provide the same info for each guest 16 yo and older. If you/they have a CAC or DOD ID you may insert that. If you are not sure at the time of registration if you will be bringing guests, you may return to edit your registration at a later time. ALL REGISTRATIONS AND EDITS MUST BE COMPLETED NO LATER THAN MAY 20, 2017 11:59 PM.

The 25th Annual Breezy Point Triathlon will be held on Sunday, June 4th, 2017 at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia. The 750 meter swim is held in a sheltered portion of Willoughby Bay. This is followed by a flat, fast, scenic 20k bike course covering much of the world's largest Naval Base. The race culminates with a 5k run which finishes along the sea wall, providing ample space for spectators. Please click on the "Course Description" link from the home page for course maps and time limits. THE TIME LIMITS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED FOR EACH OF THE SEGMENTS.

Due to security measures in place at Naval Station Norfolk, your base pass will not gain you entry/access the base on Saturday, June 4th to view the courses.

PLEASE NOTE: All athletes MUST pick up their own packet in person and show a picture ID. You MAY NOT have a friend or family member pick your packet up for you. We WILL NOT mail packets. Alternative packet pick-up arrangements must be made with the race director PRIOR TO MAY 19, 2017.


MAY 7, 2017: Last day to request a refund
MAY 19, 2017: Last day to change divisions/categories
MAY 19, 2017: Last day to make alternative packet pick-up arrangements


12-6 Saturday June 3rd

Lynnhaven Coffee Company at 2945 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Driving Directions



Sunday, June 4th, 2017: The party will begin at approximately 10:30 AM, the awards ceremony will begin around 12:00 PM

Naval Station Norfolk

Come to one of the best post-race parties around! Fill up on pizza, barbeque, bagels, fruit, soda and adult beverages (bring an ID along). In conjunction with the post-race party, we will recognize all of our award winners.

The first wave of the race will start at 8:00 AM with an in-the-water start. Subsequent waves will be started at 4-minute intervals. Waves are based on age and gender, with the actual make-up being determined approximately 4 days before the event. The maximum number of participants per wave will be less than 100.

Due to the amount of time that is required to start all of the participants, some athletes may be finished the race before others have exited the swim. Out of fairness to athletes entering and exiting the transition area and to ensure safety, no one will be allowed into the transition area or be permitted to remove their bikes from the transition area until all athletes have returned from the bike portion of the event.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT USA TRIATHLON: The one-day permit fee is $15 for 2017 and the price of an annual membership is $50.

Beginning in 2015, youth athletes (age 17 & under) may purchase one-day permits for $10 or an annual license from USA TRIATHLON for $15. Visit the USA Triathlon website for membership information.

LICENSING/INSURANCE/RULES: The Breezy Point Triathlon is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and all USAT rules will be followed and strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of the athlete to be familiar with those rules.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: No one under the age of 13 may participate either as an individual or as part of a relay in this event. Participation in the Open Division is restricted to individuals who are at least 15 years of age. Individuals under 15 years of age entering the Open Division will automatically be placed in the Age Group Division.

The listed age restrictions are our written, established policy. Since we assume that most people will read, understand and follow the policy, we will not consider requests to overlook the policy on a case by case basis.

Series Rules

USA Triathlon Sanctioning:

  • Breezy Point Triathlon is USA Triathlon sanctioned.
  • USAT's Most Commonly Violated Rules: If you are new to the sport or are wondering why you got a penalty at your last race, click HERE to read USAT's most commonly violated rules.
  • Need to print a USAT membership card? Click HERE.

USAT Age Up Rule:

  • Click HERE to learn about the USAT age up rule.

USAT Wetsuit Rules:

  • Click HERE to learn about the MTS Wetsuit usage policy.

Fees 1/1/17 - 1/31/17 2/1/17 - 3/31/17 4/1/17 - 5/15/17
Individual Entry $75 $80 $85
Team Entry $115 $130 $140
Aqua/Bike Entry $75 $80 $85

NOTE: You may only enter and be considered for awards in one category: Open Division, Age Group Division, Team, Clydesdale and Athena Divisions. No Open Division competitors will be considered for age group awards, weight division awards. No Age Group participants will be considered for Open Division, weight division awards. Athletes entering either the Clydesdale or Athena Division are only eligible for an award in that category.



Usually comprised of highly competitive athletes who are competing for overall recognition. Persons competing in the Open Division will not have their results used by USA Triathlon for National Ranking purposes. The Open Division participants will start in the first wave of the race at 8:00 AM. This is usually not the best wave for first timers or novice triathletes.


Participants will automatically compete in their respective age group unless they declare to compete in one of the other specific categories.

If you choose to compete in an Age Group you must remain in your age group for the entire 2017 event season determined by the USAT "aging up" policy for 2017 (see "Age Group Classification" below).


Generally made up of three athletes each completing one segment of the event. Each team members should fill out an application and designate the segment they are doing. Team applications (unless registering on-line) must be mailed together. A team may be made up of two athletes where one person completes more than one segment. Teams will compete in one of the following categories: Womens Teams, Mens Teams or Mixed Teams.

PLEASE NOTE: If any team member fails to complete their segment of the event, the team is disqualified and the other team members will not be permitted to continue in the event, even in an unofficial capacity.


Please note that USAT no longer recognizes Clydesdale or Athena as qualifying criteria (USAT Criteria)

Comprised of men weighing 220 or more pounds. Clydesdale participants are not eligible for Open or Age Group awards.


Please note that USAT no longer recognizes Clydesdale or Athena as qualifying criteria (USAT Criteria)

Comprised of women weighing 165 or more pounds. Athena participants are not eligible for Open or Age Group awards.


Active duty or TAR


Active duty or TAR


Active duty or TAR



1st 2nd & 3rd Place Open Male

1st 2nd & 3rd Place Open Female


(Number of awards in parentheses)

MEN: 13-19 (2),20-24 (3),25-29 (3),30-34 (3),35-39 (3),40-44 (3),45-49 (3),50-54 (3),55-59 (3),60-64(3),65-69 (2),70-74 (1),75 & Over (1)

WOMEN: 13-19 (1),20-24 (2),25-29 (3),30-34 (3),35-39 (3),40-44 (3),45-49 (3),50-54 (2),55-59 (2),60-64 (1),65-69 (1),70 & Over (1)


Mens Teams (1), Womens Teams (1),Mixed Teams (1)

1st 2nd & 3rd Place Open Male

1st 2nd & 3rd Place Open Female

MILITARY DIVISION (Must be active duty or TAR):

1st Place each Male & Female


1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Clydesdale (Men 220+ pounds)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Athena (Women 165+ pounds)

The following information is our written policy regarding refunds, reassignment of cancellations, transfers and inclement weather. Due to this being a written statement of our policy, we will not entertain requests for exceptions. No refunds will be issued for any reason after April 30, 2016. By registering for this event you agree to these refund terms.


Requests for refunds must be made in writing BEFORE May 7, 2017. Requests can be made by sending an e-mail to

Entry fees and USAT fees will be refunded. On-line processing fees will not be refunded. Refunds will be made by check and mailed out approximately 3 weeks after your request is received.


Once the field limit is reached and/or registration is closed, we will not reassign cancellations. We will not maintain a waiting list to provide replacement participants in the event a registered athlete cannot participate.


No transfers of entries will be permitted. USA Triathlon rules state the following:

  • Any person who participates in any portion of a sanctioned event without first properly registering and paying any required registration fee shall be suspended or barred from membership in USA Triathlon and barred from participation in any sanctioned event for a period of up to one year.
  • Any person who in any way assists another athlete to violate Section 3.5a by providing or selling a race number to that athlete shall be suspended or barred from membership in USA Triathlon and barred from participation in any sanctioned event for a period of up to one year.


Due to the fact that we are guests of Naval Station Norfolk and their primary responsibility is defense of our country, we never are certain that they will be able to provide a venue the following year in the event that security issues arrive. For that reason, we do not defer entries to the following year.


The Race Director and Race Officials reserve the right to cancel and/or modify segments of the event as deemed necessary for safety. There is no rain date for this event.

The following link may be helpful in determining amenities and prices for hotels in the Norfolk area. The Breezy Point Triathlon does not guarantee the quality, availability or current status of any of the listed hotels.

Local Hotels

These are some of the hotels located close to the Naval Base. All distances and times are from the hotel to the race site USING GATE #4 since this is the gate you will be required to use if you do not have military decals on your vehicle. Please note that the travel times do not include any additional time that may be required to get through the gate.


8051 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511
(757) 451-0000 Distance: 7.0 miles
Travel Time: 18 minutes


8501 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23511
(757) 489-1000 Distance: 8.2 miles
Travel Time: 20 minutes


9601 4th View Street
Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 480-9611 Distance: 3.1 miles
Travel Time: 13 minutes


1010 W . Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 587-8761 Distance: 4.2 miles
Travel Time: 14 minutes


719 E. Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 583-5211 Distance: 3.7 miles
Travel Time: 14 minutes


777 Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 622-6664 Distance: 10.7 miles
Travel Time: 26 minutes


1111 E. Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 480-1111 Distance: 4 miles
Travel Time: 14 minutes


1330 E. Ocean View Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23503
(757) 583-2621